Service-to-self — Service-to-others

Service-to-self vs Service-to-others is a very touchy subject so the information about it must be questioned and discussed, but it should not be dismissed.
Humankind is struggling in a sea of chaos which threatens to destroy life as we know it. That chaos is the separation of two diametrically opposite human spiritual races: the beings who resonate to the service-to-self resonance and those who have the resonance of the service-to-other spiritual race.
Both races are creations of Goddess-God/All That Is but they have different evolutionary paths. The paths have been in the process of passing through one another and now they are beginning to separate; that separation will take a very long time, but the actions of those alive today will guide the actions for generations to come and will map the eventual world which will develop.
The service-to-self being has certain personality and willful traits, but usually only a very advanced service-to-other being could also service by acting out as a service-to-self being. Those who volunteer for such missions are able to accept great pain from the fear, anger, or confusion which they sow to obtain an evolutionary goal. One such being is the biblical Judas.
It is imperative for a service-to-other being to never ever judge a person to be a service-to-self being because some of the most heinous crimes against humanity has been done by high service to other beings to change their path’s direction. Fight against intent and actions, but as hard as it is, do not judge.
To a service-to-self being, what they sow is their salvation, their shield of honor. They seek deeds which cause pain in other, because of this they work to control others. The service-to-other beings call them evil and they call us fodder to chew on while they attack their favorite targets, each other.
They are passing through out evolutionary path and their cruelty and inhumane intents and actions have strengthened us, but as we got stronger, they got more powerful and more courageous. Service-to-other beings outnumber the service-to-self beings by nine to one, but the service-to-other beings are by our nature vulnerable to the other’s actions and goals.
We have a power they do not: our angels and unseen friends love us and work to help us become more enlightened, the service-to-self being’s angels and unseens are their adversaries, they work for them, not with them. At any time a service-to-self being may be totally destroyed by his or her angels or unseens just to advance that angel or unseen’s personal agenda. A service-to-other being’s unseens and angels are imbued with love and service to others to ever have any understanding of hurting one of us.