The Metaphysics of Politics

This page is constantly under construction.

Physicists are explaining to the general population what the metaphysicians have always known: life is an illusion experienced as physical by humans through our sense apparatuses that detect and identify other illusions as dense objects outside and separate from ourselves. Politics then, is also an illusion and illusions are malleable and influenceable by dark, light, and in-between beings. Politics is also many other things.

Why am I so interested in politics?

As a physical phenomenon, politics is the development of consensual relationships through debate, compromise, and agreement. As an art it works to perfect the examination and integration of parts of opposing views and goals through compromise for what is thought of as the common good. As a picture of the present, the Now point of power, politics tells you where humankind and human individuals stand on the evolution continuum which in turn points in the direction of the path they will travel. There are three scenarios; enlightenment, mediocrity, nightmare.

Politics is a predictor of the future, both short and long term but the thicker the chaos atmosphere the harder predictions become, political or otherwise. Accuracy can be increased if metaphysical understanding is involved because it takes into consideration evolutionary expectations, soul evolvement, and personal development. The physical actions look at the physical actions alone.

The politics we are experiencing today does not resemble the politics of a decade ago; the chaos that has been creeping in slowly and insidiously has changed not only how politicians view their role but how everyone and everything views and acts out their’s. Everything we now consider as negative change agents that are constantly troubling us have always been there in lessor or more numerous roles.

What party affiliation am I?

My membership in both Democratic and Republican parties has been and will be active only in the voting booth. I am a product of very conservative thinking, nominally religious, hard-working blue collar, non-political, non-communicative, non-intellectual parents who wanted more than they got, worked harder than they should have, and lived unhappily for most of their entire lives. Such a life was normal in the forties and fifties.

I was a member of the NRA and the John Burch Society before I entered high school and nobody in my family cared how or why I thought the way I did After almost three years in Vietnam and one year is South Korea in one military and various civilian capacities I learned through experience and rational thought that John Burch, the NRA, and war are ways that people hide themselves from realizing that they are afraid, are often paralyzed by feelings of helplessness, deep senses of hopelessness, and dread.

This is one of the greatest gifts politics can give a consciously evolving being, the gift of self-awareness. You cannot experience a conversation, media, or a thought about politics without feeling emotion. What you feel, how, and where you feel that emotion is a ticket off this wheel-of-perpetual-reincarnation. As the spiritual term of enlightenment means in plain language, fix what is broken and go Home!

I always vote for the person, not the party, but I usually register with the party in power because it is easier for a nonpolitical person to exist when you pay Caesar his due.

What do I think of Donald Trump?

Normally I do not capitalize donald trump’s name. It is a personal thing with me. I first came into contact with donald in the early seventies when he was contracting to liquidate the contents of his newly acquired Commodore Hotel in preparations for alterations. He demanded one-million dollars in cash under the table to get the contract. My boss did not have that amount so it went to his competitor, who paid, set up the job, and then driven out just before the sale. The reason, some hardly noticeable clause the liquidation company did not notice so. The consequences was to lose their graft money, their set up money, and their potential profit.

The trump’s and my path crossed again in the early eighties when he bought Resorts International in Atlantic City, a casino I worked in at the time as a floor person in black jack and craps. That too was a negative experience so when I watched as he climbed the candidate’s ladder to the top I knew this was something to watch, there would be trouble.

When the donald won, I and the rest of the world was stunned, how could I have been so wrong when I had focused on the policies, thought through the consequences, and felt what I would feel a close probable future where my desired policies and consequences were part of my physical reality.

I did not put a time to my focusing, after all, Hillary would win and most of my desired policies were within her agenda so it had to be her who implemented them. I asked my unseens why I did not see this coming and they simply said, what you saw was correct, the election was correct, think about it.

One afternoon, two weeks later, I understood. Change was needed and what needed to be changed needed a deep cleaning and a scrapping away of the old to be replaced by the new. Hillary would have been a good president, but she would have been so harassed by the trump and his people that her eight years would have been a continuation of the old holding on to power, arthritic bureaucracies and institutions resisting change, and the people becoming more complacent.

Then came the donald like a bull in a china shop; what or who he destroys means nothing to him, there are no sacred alters, images, or ideas unless he decrees them so, he is destroying protocol, regulations, and laws which took centuries of wars, strife, and diplomacy to gain the rights which they represent. He is unpresidential, a self-proclaimed sexual predator, and a prejudiced bigot; with that pigheadedness he is overseeing the uprooting of things that would have died and putrefied before they were updated, whatever is good becomes tarnished, whatever bad he polishes it and tries to sell it as brand, spanking new.

He rides the chaos train and gathers it victims, those hoping for a better life, and those who think taking what they want through power and control should be acceptable. He trained to be the bull in the china shop. His need for love created a runaway vacuum who thinks he can take what he wants just because he wants it. He fears people especially the female half, those sporting dark shades of skin, and anyone who questions him, his motives, or actions. In fact, the donald is the closest example of a service-to-self being I have ever seen. I am not saying he is a self-server, but he is the example to observe when studying how a service-to-self person acts, thinks, and believes.

I never liked the man and as my president I like him even less. As am empath I feel his pain and his anguish, nothing more. I do see the highly improbable world donald is attempting to draw us into and I see the more probable world into which we are headed. If he is a self-server his world is the nightmare, ours is the illumination.

Note: in the metaphysical viewpoint – these are my viewpoints and are not necessarily the viewpoints of other metaphysicians.